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2009-12-05 15:14:40

My system was installed without supporting for simple chinese, which is really inconvenient for me to surf the net. I do have installed the fonts on some system like this one, but i just forgot where to put the font files and which configure file to modify. As i mentioned above, without supporting for simple chinese, all i get is messy when i open a web page, therefore, i can't get help from google. Fortunately, i got some message like "man 5 fonts.conf" and i tried it on my system, the manual page shows that "/etc/fonts/fonts.conf" consists of directories to look at for fonts informations. By following up this clue, i found the diretory to put the fonts file in. After restarting the X, i can see the lovely chinese on my computer.

The steps was taken as follows:
1. man 5 fonts.conf
2. read the /etc/fonts/fonts.conf for the font directory list
3. copy the font file to the directory

it is considered important in learning linux that we should locate sth by following up a clue.
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