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分类: Mysql/postgreSQL

2017-05-21 10:59:58


Id: 连接标识符  可以进行连接查询 information_schema.processlist.ID    performance_schema.threads.processlist_id

A thread can have any of the following Command values:

  • Binlog Dump

    This is a thread on a master server for sending binary log contents to a slave server.

  • Change user

    The thread is executing a change-user operation.

  • Close stmt

    The thread is closing a prepared statement.

  • Connect

    A replication slave is connected to its master.

  • Connect Out

    A replication slave is connecting to its master.

  • Create DB

    The thread is executing a create-database operation.

  • Daemon

    This thread is internal to the server, not a thread that services a client connection.

  • Debug

    The thread is generating debugging information.

  • Delayed insert

    The thread is a delayed-insert handler.

  • Drop DB

    The thread is executing a drop-database operation.

  • Error

  • Execute

    The thread is executing a prepared statement.

  • Fetch

    The thread is fetching the results from executing a prepared statement.

  • Field List

    The thread is retrieving information for table columns.

  • Init DB

    The thread is selecting a default database.

  • Kill

    The thread is killing another thread.

  • Long Data

    The thread is retrieving long data in the result of executing a prepared statement.

  • Ping

    The thread is handling a server-ping request.

  • Prepare

    The thread is preparing a prepared statement.

  • Processlist

    The thread is producing information about server threads.

  • Query    这个状态比较多

    The thread is executing a statement.

  • Quit

    The thread is terminating.

  • Refresh

    The thread is flushing table, logs, or caches, or resetting status variable or replication server information.

  • Register Slave

    The thread is registering a slave server.

  • Reset stmt

    The thread is resetting a prepared statement.

  • Set option

    The thread is setting or resetting a client statement-execution option.

  • Shutdown

    The thread is shutting down the server.

  • Sleep   这个状态比较多

    The thread is waiting for the client to send a new statement to it.

  • Statistics

    The thread is producing server-status information.

  • Table Dump

    The thread is sending table contents to a slave server.

  • Time


time: 处于当前状态的时间
copy to tmp table 发生在alter 命令时  performance_schema 可以查看进度,需要开启相应的监控项performance_schema.setup_instruments    
stage/sql/copy to tmp table
Copying to tmp table 拷贝内存里的临时表

更多 参考

info: 默认显示100字符,显示全部使用show full processlist 命令

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