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2011-07-14 22:40:10

                 Use dd Tool To Test Your Disk Performance
      In some case,we don't have the tool which we can use to test our disk performance.At linux enoviorment,we can use the
dd tool to archive our pourpose.
     we can use 'time dd if=/dev/urandom of=test.file count=1024 bs=1M' to test the write perpormance.The result
 should be sequential write performance.It can be used to compare the before disk.We can get basis performance
      The if should be use /dev/urandom, not /dev/random.Because the /dev/random generate data by system interupets
So on a free system,We can not get enough interupets.It is why we use /dev/urandom,it is not generate data by
system interruptes.
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