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分类: Oracle

2011-05-25 00:31:44

   In ORACLE RAC environment how to resolve the resource state with UNKNOWN


     In some case. The resource state with UNKNOWN.I try to use crs_stop -all command or reboot the server system,But the resource can’t come back the stats to ONLINE.and throw me an error message:XX permanent error…..etc.I find some documents on OTN,no results about to this problem.

    I use crs_stat –t command to display the resource name and use grep command to filiter it .For instance ,display the asm resource name.crs_stat –t | grep asm .Then I use crs_stop to make the resource with UNKNOWN state become OFFLINE state.I use crs_stop –all to stop all resource.At last issue crs_start –all. All resources’s state are ONLINE.




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