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2008-12-19 11:03:01

from to:

This tutorial will aim to install of Asus on a USB stick and boot it on my Eee PC 901.
You can of course use this tutorial for any other compatible PC (I have no list so you test ...)
  • Have notions of use of Linux. Si vous n'y connaissez rien il faudra malheureusement pour vous apprendre un peu If you know there will unfortunately nothing to teach you a little :) un lien pour vous (courage c'est simple a link for you simple courage ;) )
  • Having installed a Linux distribution or use a Live CD (I recommend the CD of Ubuntu that I baserais).
  • 1 key or USB flash card (the SD work very well) of at least 512 MB
  • Download sources Express Gate
Once you have all that we can begin
      1。First, unzip the file       2。Go to v1.2.3.1_20080605/ExpressGate (onboard)     ST_ASUSEG00_256MB_v1.2.3.1_20080605.IMG copy the file and rename it to file.img

    3。If you're running Linux expressgate create a folder in your home directory and place the file file.img, if you're running Windows copy the file on a USB key (or other media), you must create the directory under Linux later and drop the file

    4。On Windows download the install and format your key-card with flash (égaleent possible Linux syslinux but I would not here ...). Ceci rendra votre clé USB bootable (toutes les données présentent sur la clé seront effacées !!) This will make your USB drive bootable (all data are the key will be deleted!)

    5,If you are still not on Linux is the time to do it ... Donc booter votre PC sous Linux (pour ma part j'utiliserais Ubuntu 8.04 installé sur mon Eee PC) So boot your PC running Linux (for my part j'utiliserais Ubuntu 8.04 installed on my Eee PC)

Well, now things are going plot thickens a bit for people who do not know much ...Following my tutorial will be based on Ubuntu 8.04 so for those who have another Linux distribution you must manage to find the equivalent commands (this applies especially to the package manager is still equivalent)

You must download the packages:

    sfdisk, lilo, mkdosfs, syslinux

So why, a little apt-get install or better use Synaptic (this is not the exact name of the packages but the commands to be used)
Si ce n'est toujours pas fait, créez un dossier expressgate dans votre dossier personnel (avec Nautilus pour ceux qui n'aiment pas la ligne de commande) puis copiez dedant le fichier FILE.IMG If this is not always done so, create a folder expressgate in your personnel file (with Nautilus for those who dislike the command line) and then copy the file dedant file.img

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