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2010-04-01 23:59:48

What is spca5xx-Light-Edition ?

The goal of spca5xx-Light-Edition (spca5xx-LE for short) is to provide USB webcams support for small embedded devices. This support can be used for "Vision Machine" like robotics projects telepresence detection and so on ..Spca5xx-LE should be used with a TCP UDP /IP server that forward the video MJPEG stream over IP
You can used spcaserv or servfox for that :) You can also used the spcav4l.c spcav4l.h code to setup your own server according the GPL licence.
The spca5xx-LE design is very different from the spca5xx full package. The memory in use are the most smaller as possible ? The spcadecoder is reduce and only raw jpeg webcam are used.All ioctl are compliant to the v4l spec with a MJPEG extension. V4l2 support are planned soon with others features that cannot be set on the Full packages
	frame rate selection DONE 12/12/2005
	Autoexposure or not DONE 12/12/2005
	Quantization table selection DONE 12/12/2005
	ROI Region of interess on the Vimicro chips
	And maybe more :)

Who need spca5xx-LE ?

This package is only FOR EMBEDDED USED if you don't know what embedded is. Please install the whole package instead !! At the moment spca5xx-LE is know to work on the:
	Etrax 100lx
	Arm9 EP9302

Download and Patch

spca5xx-LE is provide as patch to the main kernel for convenience
to set up the patch you need the
usb-2.4.31LE06.patch.gz is the kernel patch to apply at the 2.4.31 kernel
or linux-2.4.31LE08.patch.tar.gz full kernel patch with support of the Usb Wifi ZD1211 and RT2570
	patch -p1 < usb-2.4.31LE06.patch in the usb subdirectory of the kernel
	patch -p1 < linux-2.4.31LE08.patch for the full kernel
your kernel have now support for the spca5xx-LE webcams as the other (ov511 pwc ....)
and maybe some Usb Wifi adaptator like the Linksys WUSB54GV4 or the D-LINK DWL-122 B1 or the Sitecom WL-113 :)
you need to configure the kernel with 
	make menuconfig
	and update the fields if needed:
	save exit 
then compile
	make modules

If you used spca5xx-LE servfox or spcaserv code that should be a good idea to send me patch or package.
I will try to merge your change in the main developpement tree :))

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