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分类: 系统运维

2012-05-21 21:08:56

 AIX 6.1 TL7 includes IBM Systems Director Common Agent (cas agent). It is installed as part of the System Management Client Software bundle which is part of the default install options. 
Unfortunately, this new component introduce 2 small bugs including one that could fill up root filesystem (/). 
After installing TL7 and at system reboot, the Director agent is automatically enabled.> oslevel -s

6100-07-00-0000> lssrc -s cas_agent

Subsystem         Group            PID          Status

 cas_agent                         7667718      active> lslpp -L cas.agent

  Fileset                      Level  State  Type  Description (Uninstaller)


  cas.agent           C     F    Common Agent Services Agent


 The subsystem wasn’t existing at previous level, for example at AIX 6.1 TL6 SP1 :> oslevel -s

6100-06-01-1043> lssrc -s cas_agent

0513-085 The cas_agent Subsystem is not on file.


 Let’s see each bug case…


Bug 1 : CAS Agent is filling up root filesystem (/)


 As you may have noticed, your root filesystem used space is growing and a strange file have been created in /dev directory.> ls -ltr null*

crw-rw-rw-    1 root     system        2,  2 May 12 19:10 null

-rw-r--r--    1 root     staff         45445 May 12 19:10 null 2>&1


 Let's have a look at cas_agent startup script which is causing this issue.> vi /var/opt/tivoli/ep/runtime/nonstop/bin/


    CAS_SRC_LOG=”/dev/null 2>&1” 


 We could resolv this by editing the line above as follows for example :> stopsrc –s cas_agent

0513-044 The cas_agent Subsystem was requested to stop.> vi /var/opt/tivoli/ep/runtime/nonstop/bin/

  ...> ls "/dev/null 2>&1"> rm "/dev/null 2>&1"> startsrc –s cas_agent

0513-059 The cas_agent Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 8323268.


 Reference : 



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