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分类: 系统运维

2012-08-28 11:12:54

作为试验型最新的Zenoss 4.2自然有不少BUG需要修补。这不,Zenoss官方放出4.2的SP1。学习4.2的TX赶紧装吧。

Zenoss Core 4.2.0 SP1

Note: This Service Pack is currently BETA and is still being tested.

Zenoss Core 4.2.0 SP1 is a community-maintained service pack for Zenoss Core 4.2.0 that fixes the following bugs:

  • ZEN-2399 - Google Maps Portlet Error
  • ZEN-2971 - Error at Geocoding Addresses
  • ZEN-2797 - Graphs are displayed twice when first clicking in to a component
  • ZEN-2893 - cannot unmonitor wmi service
  • ZEN-3052 - Unable to set date on maintenance windows
  • ZEN-3133 - [maintenance] mysql connection not actually using memcache

These fixes will result in an improved user interface experience and improved performance.

[edit]Optional Fixes

Fixes for the following issues will be applied if PySamba is installed. PySamba is part of the Core ZenPacks for Zenoss Core 4, and will be installed if you used the auto-deploy script:

  • ZEN-3193 - PySamba - memory leak
  • ZEN-3194 - PySamba - fix WBEM qualifiers processing


Thanks to Ryan Matte for his extensive testing and troubleshooting work, which made this Service Pack possible. Many thanks to Egor Puzanov for tracking down the PySamba memory leak and qualifiers processing bug.

[edit]To Apply (BETA)

As root, install prerequisites:

# yum install git
# yum install patch

As the zenoss user, download and run the service pack:

$ cd /var/tmp
$ git clone git://
$ cd CoreServicePacks/4.2.0-SP1
$ ./
$ zenoss restart

[edit]Patched Versions of Zenoss

If you already have your own fixes applied to Zenoss, then the Service Pack may fail to apply properly. If you are a power-user, you can follow these steps to apply the patches manually. These steps are essentially what the script does, but our script expects all patches to apply perfectly, and also provides a roll-back mechanism by backing up all modified files. Manual steps:

  • Use patch -p3 in $ZENHOME to apply all the patches in the 4.2.0-SP1/patches directory manually. If a patch fails, you can look at the .rej file and manually resolve rejected parts of the patch.
  • run 4.2.0-SP1/scripts/ as the zenoss user to rebuild the compiled JavaScript files.

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