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2007-04-22 20:38:08


Good morning ,everyone!For several weeks ,every Friday there would be two people standing here and having a reading!If I don't remember incorrectly,at the beginning of the term,the teacher asked us to practice our spoken English,but every Friday I only saw two people were reading here! I think you can read everyday,that needn't courage,but if no courage,I don't think there will be lots of people using English everyday!So why don't we grasps this opportunity and practice our spoken English!!

Now I will give us some advise with something occurred on myself!

First,the attitude of treating everything.

Last summer vocation I found a job for sales. Because only two months to control for me, so, at the second mouth, I told the manage of my department that I should leave at the end of the second mouth. The department manage

told me if you would leave you should hand up the resignation report 15 days earlier! At that time I didn't know if I handed up the resignation report the company would dismiss me! After I handed up the resignation report there have two girls resigned! Before we three resigned we had discussed that we would worked until the end of the mouth! But the second day, the two girls hadn't go for job! I didn't know what happened! Some days after,the manage told me the reason I left for job to the end: the reason was that I had a good attitude for the job! Then I recollected, I did have a good attitude for everything! Now I want say:to have a good attitude, you have a half success!

Second, the skill of study out of school!

Also in my job, I will told us some skill of study! The Chinese have an old proverb that is steal skills is better than study skills!

The society today is money's society,there's no money or no benefit no one would teach you something! As in my job,how can you sell the product better and have a high pay,no one can teach you ( except the ones who have benefit with you, for example, the manage of department who deducts a percentage from your achievement.) A department not only one worker so the manage couldn't teach you so much. What should you do,at this time, you must steal.

To look others how they did better than you, you can learn by silent! That is steal! Of course, the way what I said should not learn from books.

To have a good attitude and a better skill to learn by yourself, you will be a successful person.

At the end of speech I give all of us a word: I believe I can fly!!!

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