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Never stop learning.






分类: IT职场

2013-03-11 15:58:58

My team and I received this in our inbox from our architect six months ago when we started a new project:

I am very excited every time I start something new. Even after about 20 years of doing software, I feel those butterflies in my stomach when start on a new path. This is our journey together. I strongly believe that we are charting a course which is fun, challenging and enriching. I want to make this memorable to you and want to create experience fulfilling to you all.

It is little idealistic but I want to make my business agenda, our technology strategy and your progress aligned to each other. That way, when you do something great, we all benefit. I have deep respect for engineers and the code.

1. Code is the KING. Documentation is just close behind it. So, write code such that it IS the documentation and it works.


3. Unit tests ARE CRITICAL. Every bug found past unit tests have two fold cost beyond developer. Remember, I would prefer to pay you more salary than spend it on another QA organization and then fix bugs. But if you write buggy code, I will pay everyone and then you get smaller slice of the pie.

4. Write efficient code for human reading and for CPU. It is never OK to write bad code.

5. Read more than your job needs today. You dont progress only knowing what you need today but what you need tomorrow.

6. Go home and once in a while cook food. YES, real food. It will teach you the difference bet following a recipe and creating a meal. First is oriented towards knowing what you need to create the dish and second to create a meal with what you have......just a little difference.

This was my biggest lesson as a startup company and it did not come easily.

7. Innovation and good ideas (technology or product) originate everywhere. Please share with us.

8. I know you hate business folks. I do see why. They sell what you cant produce; they promise when it cant be done; they ask more when they dont pay. But business will not run without their ability to  position the product. That is a hard skill. But share your thoughts with me and I will act as a buffer. All disciplines are needed to make a good organization.

9. Love your profession as an engineer. YOU CAN have engineering/developer role for lifetime AND MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AND HAVE RESPECT AND FUN.


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