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分类: 系统运维

2007-10-16 16:22:53

Checking Tablespace and User Access in Projects 检查井工区表空间和用户访问权


You can generate a report that shows the location, size, and user access to database tablespaces for an OpenWorks project. This report is useful because it helps you monitor project size. If it ever appears that a project is about to overload its available tablespace, you must add more tablespace to the project to keep the database from failing.

To view a report on a specific OpenWorks project:

1. Select the project in the Project Administration window.

2. Select Project > Query. A report appears showing the project extent, locations, sizes, and user authorizations.

Use the scroll bars to move through this window.

3. Click OK to close this window.



Tuning Projects 优化井工区

Tuning an OpenWorks project can reduce data retrieval times and enhance performance. This option runs an Oracle command to compute statistics on every table, including the amount and distribution of data.

These statistics are used by the Oracle cost-based optimizer to build efficient query plans so it can retrieve data more efficiently.

To start the tuning process:

1. Select Project > Tune in the Project Administration window. A confirmation window like the one shown below appears.

2. Click Yes to tune the project.


Project Tune Statistics and SeisWorks Fault Retrieval Performance 井工区优化统计以及SeisWorks断层检索性能

While running OpenWorks Project Tune is generally useful in enhancing database performance, the statistics that it generates can cause severe degradation of performance in certain SeisWorks fault retrievals. (For example, if a seismic project has many fault segments and heaves, SeisWorks’ performance may deteriorate.)

The SeisWorks Fault Data Manager allows bulk removal of these statistics from  certain SeisWorks fault tables. SeisWorks users should refer to the Fault Data Manager chapter of the Seismic Project Utilities manual for details.


进入Seismic Project Manager-->SeisWorks Fault Data Manager,在File菜单下:


运行Delete Statistics可清除tune统计信息。这些信息是由运行OpenWorks Project Tune utility而遗留在SeisWorks断层表中。通常,运行OpenWorks Project Tune会提升数据库性能,但由其产生的统计信息可能会大大降低SeisWorks断层检索性能。(例如,如果一个地震工区有许多断层段和断距,SeisWorks的性能可能会降低。)

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