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What makes this, the only Web browser we chose to feature, unique from other Mozilla-based browsers? It's been developed to be used on TVs. Kylo's menus, icons, fonts, general overall user interface is specifically designed to be viewed on your big, wide, flatscreen set (plugged into your computer's video-out connection), as you sit about six feet away on your couch. A notable, very cool feature of Kylo is its on-screen virtual keyboard.

Wireless keyboards and mice are suggested for use with this TV Web browser. Kylo's developers also recommend a ring-shaped wireless mouse/remote control called The Loop that costs $99.

Miro is a media player that its developers bill as specially designed for HD video. It supports playing video files in several formats, including MPEG, QuickTime, WMV and Xvid, and can download video from YouTube and other sites. The program can also be set to download video podcasts via RSS feeds and bittorrent.

Miro's developers emphasize community contributions, so users are encouraged to submit RSS feeds to their own originally produced video content. Selected videos are featured in the program's start page, which presents thousands of shows you can browse through, and search for, under an attractive interface that looks like an online media store.

This started out as a straight-up iTunes clone that suffered stability issues in its early releases, but over the course of its development has evolved into a fully usable alternative to Apple's media player. Songbird's user interface works similarly to iTunes. It supports video playback, DRM-protected music downloads from the iTunes Store, and you can add a lot of other features by installing add-ons.

Officially, Songbird supports synchronizing with Android and Pre smartphones, but there's also unofficial support for the iPod/iPhone through an add-on.

Along with Web editors, there is no shortage of standalone e-mail clients built upon Mozilla. But we think Spicebird is the one most worthy of mention; essentially, it merges together (Mozilla's official e-mail program), (a defunct calendar program) and (a real-time instant messaging system) to present a collaborative and more robust e-mail client.

Besides chat and a calendar, it includes a simple project manager, and various widgets running within it that access Google Maps, weather information, international time zones and RSS feeds. With Sunbird, you get an e-mail command center on steroids.

Do you produce video blogs where you talk directly to the camera? Then you'll find TeleKast not only useful but necessary. You can write your script with it (or import text in XML format, or copy and paste words into it from an outside source) and edit it. Then TeleKast's teleprompter function will display your speech full-screen in large, bold white font against a black background. Hit the "Enter" key, and the words scroll up at a comfortable reading pace.

This media player is built on Mozilla technology combined with that of . XULPlayer utilizes Mozilla's XULRunner runtime package which makes it easier for users to customize its user interface.

And it's not just for playing video, but can convert video files to other formats. XULPlayer has presets to easily transcode your video so that it can be played on your mobile phone, media player, gaming handheld, or other devices. It also features video-streaming through peer-to-peer technology.

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