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分类: Windows平台

2013-01-22 22:41:58

Please Read

The script has been updated. The following now works properly:

  1. multi cmd line switch
  2. Home Premium
  3. Non-English Operating Systems, no need to change the script

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you've been following MissingRemote for a while, you know one of our most popular series of guides is Enabling Concurrent Remote Desktop sessions. Continuing that trend we have an updated process below working with the RTM (Official Release to Manufacturing) version of Windows7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium and Enterprise Editions, x86 & x64 build 7601, Service Pack Build 1130.

One of the most popular articles ever at has been our guide on how to enable Concurrent Sessions for Windows Vista. For those unaware of what it is, enabling Concurrent Sessions allows you to Remote Desktop into a system that someone else is on, under a different user account, and access the system without kicking the user off. I, for example, use the feature to have MCE running on my Television, and then I remote into my main user account to access all my files without interrupting my MCE session. Special thanks to Mikinho for compiling the package below and making this all possible.



The following files and instructions are provided to you at your OWN RISK!! Understand that it is replacing important files, and as always, anything can happen. That being said, if you do have a problem, we have a fantastic community here to help you


1. First, Download the file attached below (you will need to be registered and logged in.

2. Once downloaded, extract the files into a directory (for the purposes of this guide, it will be assumed that the files have been extracted to the folder C:\Win7RDP )

3. Open Windows Explorer to the above folder

4. Right Click on "install.cmd" and select "Run as Administrator"

5. Wait for the script to run entirely. At the end, you should see something similar to the below...

 If you executed the command successfully, you should see this screen.


For 99.9% of folks, the above steps will be exactly what they are looking for. However, if you want to customize the abilities a bit, there are certain command strings you can run in addition. To do so,you will need to open a Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges(Start > Run > CMD > Right Click "Run As Administrator"). The other available options are: 

-?  Show this help
help  Save as -?
multi  Enable multiple sessions per user
blank  Enable remote log on for user accounts that are not password protected

For example, if you wanted to Enable multiple sessions per user, you would follow these steps:

1. Launch a Command Prompt with Administrator priveleges (Start > CMD > Right Click > Run as Administrator)

2. At the C:\Windows\System32 prompt type "cd\Win7RDP"

3. You should now be at the prompt C:\Win7RDP>

4. At the prompt, type: install multi

We hope you have enjoyed this guide from! If you have any questions, comments, concerns feel free to post in our forums link below.

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