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2010-06-21 15:15:03

Tessellations here mean designs featuring animals, birds, etc, which can fill the page, without gaps or over-lapping, to form a pattern that completely fills a space. It's the simplest kind of jigsaw puzzle: all the pieces look alike! You can see example tessellations in the top right corner of this website. The example changes each time you move to a new page.

On these pages, you will find information about all aspects of tessellations, from their history and development to complete galleries of examples by school students, guest artists, the webmasters Seth and David, and of course M. C. Escher, the pioneer of the art. Also included are extensive workshops showing how to design and produce your own. All are accessible from the orange navigation bar or from the site index -see below.

This site is a dedicated graphics site and not focused on the math. As M. C. Escher said, "Mathematicians go to the garden gate but they never venture through to appreciate the delights within." To use another metaphor, you're missing the fun if you use a microscope to enjoy a merry-go-round.

If, as a result of your visit, you venture through that garden gate, please send us your designs for inclusion in the guest gallery.

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