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2006-10-29 11:04:30

I didn't sleep enough last night, so I felt so tired and sleepy.
First we went to the LeiFeng Pagoda,then had our lunch in Qingteng Tea House.Koreans said they couldnot imagine that it is so cheap to eat in Qingteng Tea House and they doubt if they can earn money.They told me that the most cheap restaurant in Seoul will take about 40 Yuan for one person and the most expensive one is about 230 Yuan for one person and they go to the expensive one about once a month.
After that, we each rent a bicycle to have a tour around the West Lake.See several museums including The West Lake Exposition Museum,China Seal Museum and Zhejiang Musuem.We passed other museums such as China Silk Museum and The West Lake Museum but we have no time to see them.
We arrived at the Bicycle-renting place at about 5:30. It took us 80 yuan for all of the bicycle-renting fees.
At last we went to the Second Floor of Jiebai and have a meal in Han Village restaurant. We drunk three bottles of Korean wine called Qinglu and ate Korean Roaster.But my stomack aches during the night.
Koreans have so many etiquettes. 
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