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2019-12-13 20:09:40

In this process of change, brand, as an important force, plays a huge role in the market. An influential brand can conquer consumers and gain more and more market share. This phenomenon has been fully demonstrated in the fields of home appliances, clothing and so on. The future Abrasives Market is also inseparable from the market competition law of this brand winning. Brand competition is the competition with brand image and value as the core, which is a new competitive situation

In recent years, with the continuous progress of abrasive Abrasives in China, the domestic machine tool industry has become an important "vanguard" to break the monopoly of foreign countries. At the same time, in shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields, a number of high-tech Abrasives enterprises show their skills. Domestic white fused alumina products gradually replace imported products, and their performance even exceeds that of foreign products of the same type. Although we have made significant breakthroughs in many fields of abrasive Abrasives, on the whole, there is still a big gap between China's high-end abrasive Abrasives and the world's advanced level.

Abrasives, as a special industry, have the problem of abrasive smelting in energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, there is overcapacity in brown corundum in China. With the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the next policy focus will be to eliminate the backward production capacity of corundum industry. In the past five years, the development of new industries has brought more opportunities for superhard materials, which are developing towards broader and more precise application fields.

The influence of machine performance on machined surface quality: the influence of wear resistance on surface quality. Between the two contact surfaces of a newly machined Sassafras pair, the initial contact area is at the white aluminum oxide peak of the rough surface, the actual contact area is far less than the theoretical contact area, and there is a very large unit stress at the contact area, which makes the actual contact area produce plastic deformation, elastic deformation and shear failure between the peaks, causing serious wear.

The premise of customization is to deal with a certain scale of customer base. Otherwise, it will not only have no marketing significance, but also increase the operating cost. The first key point is to start customization when it reaches the level. Marketing method innovation must be combined with the application ability of information processing tools. When the data reaches the mass, whether your enterprise has the ability to carry out customized processing is the second key point.

After 40 years of development, China's superhard material industry has made great progress and achieved rapid development. According to statistics, the scale of China's superhard material industry has exceeded 30 billion yuan. With the rise of global low-carbon economy, the development of photovoltaic power generation, led, it, aerospace and military industries and other white corundum emerging industries, superhard materials will play an irreplaceable role in the grinding, polishing, cutting functions of these emerging industries.
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