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分类: Sybase

2008-12-09 14:59:51

  关键参考了两个链接 和 把问题都说的很明白了。
Case Description
We are running ASE 12.5.3 on Windows 2003. Not able to configure memory over 1 GB on server with 32 GB of memory. We have another machine running ASE 12.5.4 on Wind 2003 and is configured for 6GB using the /PAE switch.

When we try to configure memory on the ASE 12.5.3 machine to 1.5 GB, we get the following errors:

kernel NT operating system error 87 in module 'e:\ase1253\porttree\svr\sql\nt386\ksource\blkme\osmntmmap.c' at line 465: The parameter is incorrect.

kernel os_create_region: Failed to get virtual memory information.

kernel kbcreate: couldn't create server region 6.

kernel kistartup: could not create shared memory

kernel SQL Server system exception (0xc0000005) generated by a storage access violation.


kernel kbcreate: couldn't get shmid for kernel region.

kernel kistartup: could not create shared memory

Both machines have a total of 32GB available memory. Virtual memory is 2GB on both servers.

Tip or Workaround
It turned out the 12.5.4 server was not actually using 6GB.

ASE does not support the use of the /PAE switch. Use of the /3GB switch and the following steps should allow you to get up to 2.7GB:

- add /3GB flag to Windows boot.ini file

- adjust "shared memory starting address" to 23662592

- adjust "allocate shared memory" to 1

- adjust "max memory" to 1408000 (~2.7GB)

- reboot Windows

Alternatively, you can upgrade to Windows 2003 Enterprise with ASE 15.0.1+, which can support up to 1TB.
ASE supports the use of the /3GB switch, that will configure up to 2.7GB. ASE does not support the use of the /PAE switch. See "Tips and Workarounds", above for more details.

在我的测试环境下,Win内存3.5G,加了/3GB参数后,按照Sybase文档,修改max memory =1310720 (2.5G),shared memory starting address=23662592,allocate shared memory=1
启动Sybase成功。将shared memory starting address恢复成default(0),启动失败。
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