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2015-01-11 23:53:22

Sarah Palin And Job Interviews

First of most, permit me to start out by praoclaiming that this article is merely my observation and opinion, nothing at all.
Some folks are a great interview. They're bright, attractive, articulate, charming so doggone irressistable you simply can't help but Nike TN 2014 like them. They make an excellent first impression, and that means you hire them.
But do you hire the proper person for the task?
Were they the most qualified?
That's the question surrounding political phenomenon and media darling, Sarah Palin. She makes a terrific first impression. But as charming and likeable as jane is, does one honestly think she's essentially the most qualified person for being vice-president in the United States?
I don't.
Just A Small Town Mayor
Let's examine her experience to see what we develop. She was mayor of an small capital of scotland- less than 10,000 people. I personally don't possess anything against small towns. But I do not believe a small town mayor is qualified for being vice-president with the United State?
Do you think that your small town mayor is qualified for being vice-president?
Moving on.
Governor of Alaska
She's been the governor of Alaska for lower than two years. Let's put that into perpective. Alaska is really a scarcely populated state of approximately 600,000 people, containing nowhere nearby the cultural
problems and sophisticated issues a vast amount of more densely populated states including New York, California or Texas which may have tens of millions of people.
On the surface of that, she's currently under investigation for abuse of power, for firing public safety commissioner Walter Monegan. Monegan asserted his dismissal was tied to his reluctance to fire Mike Wooten, an Alaska State Trooper that's also Palin's ex-brother-in-law.
At any time Palin dismissed Monegan, Wooten was involved with a custody fight with his former wife, Molly McCann, Palin's sister.
So she has that ugly investigation hanging over her head. Now to become Timberland Pas Cher fair, individuals who support governor Palin, will point out she gets executive experience.
Executive experience?
Give me a freakin' break!
Anyone who runs a company has executive experience. I have executive experience too. And as egotistical and brilliant as I think I am, I know for sure that I do not have the experience to get vice-president with the United States. Nothing like it!
I'd venture to express most business people would admit they also do not have the Air Max 90 necessary experience
for being vice-president.
By the best way, have you see Palin's interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson?
This person wants to become vice-president from the United States, and he or she doesn't have any idea what the "Bush Doctrine" is? But wait, it gets better still or worse, based on your standpoint. When inquired about her foreigh policy experience she said, "I could see Russia from the house."
History Of Cancer
This could well be hilarious if this wasn't so serious. People wakeup! This woman is going for being a heartbeat outside the presdidency. John McCain is 72 years with a good reputation for cancer. If he's elected and
dies in office, folks, Sarah Palin could be the president.
John McCain reportedly interviewed Palin just once, and hired her for being his vice-president. Can you believe?
I've personally taken additional time than that to engage sales people.
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