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分类: 信息化

2014-06-25 11:31:20

Hence, it makes your job simpler. You must be thinking about the price tag for this sophisticated technology. Let me tell you it is the best technology for engravings with a very low price tag.  To engrave the items you'll need a computer using a Windows 2000, XP or Vista operating system. All the versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, etc., either the home or professional versions are compatible to use with an Epilog Laser. You'll need a graphic software for engrave the items.
 The laser engraving machines is instructed at the area in the content which is to become etched and it records designs onto the outer lining area. This is all handled from the pc method. The center (focal) level of the laser device in fact is rather warm and will either vaporize the content or triggers exactly what is determined as the glass effect.
 The technology supporting product marking machinery has advanced rapidly in recent times and a Laser Engraving Machine can now be used for a host of purposes, put to good use in a variety of industries. Specialist parts are given their own unique codes with a Laser Engraving Machine, lettering or numbers can be applied upon demand. The automotive and aerospace industries use a Laser Engraving Machine; it offers them a precise and reliable process that ensures parts are engraved with total precision.
Laser crystal engraving is a process that uses 3D laser engraving machine to mark materials including synthetic and natural crystals. Various types and shapes of materials can be etched, leading to the several uses for laser crystal engraving on various types of crystals. Without altering the surface, a laser is able to create an image within the work piece.
 The laser beam outputted by the machine is highly concentrated light. The working is similar to burning paper with sunlight and a magnifying lens only the light is a hundred time more powerful. The machine generates concentrated parallel beams of monochromatic light beam with wavelength in the infrared range.
 You don have to! Speak to experts in the industry, tell them what you want the Laser Engraving Machine to do, they specialise in all solutions for laser marking. Whether you intend to sub-contract work on a Laser Engraving Machine to a host of other industries, or plan to use it in-house, the ideal equipment can be designed for your individual needs. Most standard types of Laser Engraving Machine will suit the needs of the vast majority of industries, or custom projects are completed for more complicated demands.

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