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分类: IT职场

2013-12-23 11:33:18

In the tenth year of fifa 14 ultimate team coins his reign,King Llane is visited by the mysterious traveler Aegwynn*.She has come to the King with a warning that she hopes will aid him in his fight against the nemesis to his land.the coupling between the King's Conjurer and herself was intended to created a child that she could pass her knowledge and power onto before leaving this place.she did not count upon other forces in this world,and others,that would seek to dominate the child.He was now become a beacon to mystic power.

She sought him out only a fortnight before,and found that the powers that course through his veins have twisted him,making him insane.Realizing the threat he now posed,she was forced to attempt to destroy him.He all but slew her.The battle left both combatants drained,but Medivh held enough power to banish her from his sight,and command her never to return.His magiks were strong enough that even she cannot break this bond,and so can offer no aid in his downfall.The traveler also informs King Llane that it was Medivh who was responsible for the coming of the Orcs to Azeroth.During the battle with his father,he inadvertently opened a gateway to the domain that they,and many other foul creatures,call home.

The Orcs are disciples of chaos,however,and not even Medivh has the power to control them.Although the battle has Medivh in a greatly weakened state,the traveler warns that there will be a time when Azeroth will be forced to deal with him.Her parting words to the King were of her hope that the sorcerer would not become so strong,by that time,that the whole of this world would suffer.Stirrings of war now come from the swamps.The attacks upon our settlements,once scattered and poorly executed,have become more organized.


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