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分类: 系统运维

2013-12-16 10:06:40

Coldly looked as if his whole person integration in the dark, but it reveals the nature of the eye brow cold pressing and murderous. See that big tree, bodyguards almost cried, not think, and certainly does not make sense in this way. He had no choice but to stop the car again. Wireless door bell through the rear window, and then look at black people's looks, he almost could not believe my eyes, doubt that he is not wrong, he rubbed his eyes hard put, ventured to look at his face instant white, body leaned back, almost sitting on the ground, he ejaculated. Ghost! Ghosts! A brother, how? Mangjiang confidant about his hold. Wireless door bell trembling fingers pointing to the front, incoherent said. Ghost! High-strength! It is high-strength! Is a ghost! Several confidants probe a look, his face has changed, not a thing, that people are not sitting in front of high-strength or Who? In wireless door bell and his men at heart, high strength had died early in door entry systems pulled out a pistol, facing the back of the car opened fire again and again.

Despite the limited power of the pistol, but if it is too close, its lethality is not small. Three did not want to do unnecessary sacrifices, after all, wireless door bell has become a rat in a hole, there is no need, and he tried, he intends to let his men slower speed, leisurely followed behind. Not long, large truck back to the crossroads, drive bodyguard warble asked. A brother, this time we are also way to turn? Go to the right! Wireless door bell this time that Mongolia, which side do not feel safe walking, will encounter Wendong person. Yes! Bodyguard promised soon, turn the steering wheel to the right side of the road trip. Just out of fifty meters, more than two sideways a thick trees on the road ahead See also, in the trunk, sitting one person, one black, wearing a black coat with black suits, trousers, hand with black gloves on, fingers tucked a half smoked cigarette, black eyes in the faint beating flames.

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