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2009-07-06 09:09:03

If we make mention of , there is no reason for us to skip over its world-famous designers, One is Don Ed Hardy who has been hailed as America contemporary godfather of tattoo, Another is "king of jeans" whose name is Christian Audigier, was once the designer of Diesel, Levi's and some other popular brand.
Undoubtedly, the two masters really arouse brilliant sparkles by working together, breathing new trend image in fashion world, But as for me, I believe that their designs still have some negative influences that are worth of our attention and can be listed as follows: First and foremost, the good dress should help young people give others an impression of being energetic and upward, As for Ed hardy, no matter the baseball cap having tattoo and totem or the clothes with the techniques of embroidery, washing, splash-ink and integrating pirate skulls, eagle anchor, daimon, etc. They all give others and impression of being decadent and dissipated. Moreover, , just as many critics said, is totally jumbling up overly sexy and aggressive patterns.
Surely, different people have different kind of views, the above two aspects are just my personal opinions. Thus, it is acceptable for you to stick to your own view. It do not weigh much for you to wear , if you feel nothing could be more suitable for you than Ed hardy. Just choose what you want!
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