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2009-07-04 10:26:33

WFit are also indispensable part for women's wardrobe apart from dress.Boots may vary with different body conditions. As a result, how to choose a pair of suitable boots remains a problem for many girls.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right boot.
Overall principals for choosing boots:
for O-legs or X- legs
Dos:with the view of the shortcomings of the legs, you had better wear the loose vertical boots with wide turn-down rimsDon'ts: you should be fully aware that tight legged boots can reveal your leg curve honestly so give up them for grace being. The flat bottomed half boots will create a short and thick visual effect on your leg if your legs are not slender enough, in which case, you need some knee high heeled boots.Don'ts: Never and I mean NEVER cut boots through the fattest part of your leg. Trust me: it will make you look fatter
for elephant legs
Dos: you are strongly recommended to pick boots of dark color series with loose bootleg to improve your leg curve.Don'ts: avoid vivid colors, orange brown included, so as not to attract eyesight to your imperfect legs.
A fashionable appearance and slender figure are the necessary elements for ruffle boots.
Nowadays in fashion,following the example of hats, coats, shirts, and bags, boots invite fur for decoration.Hairy fur is dotted around the upper of boot leg.
If you are not contented with the simple style, choose the openwork one that is delicate and sexy.In order to make boots more practical, you only need to choose pure colored one for there have been many details on it.
Collocation is an important element to consider in the purchase of boots.
In order to manifest the characteristics of boots, beautiful boots should go with suitable clothes.

its matching /collocation with clothes

Flat bottomed boots, when going with thin skirts, can create a sense of contrast and conflict, catching up the present fashion of mixed collocation.The high-heeled boots in collocation with skirts of pretty tight wrap or with split ends, can lead you to the sexy routeThe more spacious and longer the skirt opens, the flatter the base will be.

rules for girls with short legs.

Since you have a slender curve in legs, try the combination of short skirt with long boots to make your curve available and then pay attention to the tightness when in short skirts.For a thick calf, the matching will give prominence to its short comings. As a result, keep away from it.Make sure not to cover the bootleg with pants for this practice will make bootlegs useless.
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