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2009-07-04 10:26:11

Women will never be content with the jewelry in the casket, and they are always dreaming of a more brilliant one.Simple and small jewelry matt finished, agate, and amber are good choice for them.Since once the jewels and dresses are well matched, the personal taste and qualities will be revealed. Nevertheless, many people have difficulties in matching proper . Some professional tips are in the following in the hope that they have been of some help Make sure the jewels are suitable for your dresses, age, career, complexion and other aspects in order to highlight your personalities. The top principle is that the jewels you chose should be neither repeat your face shape nor extremely opposite to your face shape. A Square face needs length and softness. A Y-style or a simple strand of pearls that hang a little bit longer is perfect. A drop earring, creating the look of length, complements the square face. When choosing , make sure that they go along well with your hairstyle which is essential in the decoration of the head.
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The splendid jewelries could be used to ornament a black dress. When you are in an informal place, you can wear designed jewelry that have some color to fit your clothes, which will have a special kind of taste from your general wearing. Ladies with muddy complexion should wear jewelries like pearls whose color is not so brilliant so as to cover up the color of skin. These bright and shining jewelries will let the plump ladies look noble and dignified. Conversely, it seems that with dark color and traditional designs are matched well with middle-aged and elderly people.

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