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2009-07-03 09:18:55

A woman's wardrobe doesn't just want apparel as well as a pair of boots to match with .Since body conditions are different, it bothers many girls to choose a pair of suitable Boots.
Let's take advantage of the boot season to show our perfect figures with the help of a pair of suitable and fashionable boots.
how to choose suitable boots.
for O-legs or X- legs
Dos:choose the loose and vertical boots as well as boots with wide turn-down rims to cover your O-leg or X-leg effectively.Don'ts: it is not suitable for you to wear tight legged boots for reason that they will make your leg curve exposed with nothing left. The flat bottomed half boots will create a short and thick visual effect on your leg if your legs are not slender enough, in which case, you need some knee high heeled boots.Don'ts: for the purpose of slimmer effect on your legs, you are suggested not to cull the boots that finish at the middle of your calves.
for elephant legs
Dos: in order to veil the imperfect leg shape, you had better select loose dark or mocha colored boots.Don'ts: avoid vivid colors, orange brown included, so as not to attract eyesight to your imperfect legs.
The ruffle kind of boots can be very tough. If you are not the super slender and fashionable type, do not have a rash attempt.
Nowadays in fashion,following the example of hats, coats, shirts, and bags, boots invite fur for decoration.Hairy fur is dotted around the upper of boot leg.
Pierced work
Designers take advantage of pierced work to increase the diaphanousness and sexy feelings of boots.In order to make boots more practical, you only need to choose pure colored one for there have been many details on it.
Collocation is an important element to consider in the purchase of boots.
Beautiful boots only accompanied with the right clothes can reflect the characteristics of boots.

its matching /collocation with clothes

Flat based boots collocated with thin skirts, creating a atmosphere of contrast and conflicts, can just display the mixed matching style that are fashionable at present.Combining high-heeled boots with skirts of pretty tight wrap or with split ends means that you have followed the sexy way.The wider and longer the skirt is, the flatter the bottom should be.

rules for girls with short legs.

When in short skirt, the tightness of boots is very important for they can make the leg shape obvious.You are not advisable to shoehorn trouser legs into boots for the squeezed clothing in boots will overlap each other, making the boot surface rugged, which gives others an impression of disgraceCovering boots with pant legs is so stupid for you have made boots useless compared to single shoes.
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