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分类: IT业界

2014-06-10 20:40:01

After joining Red Hat, I  started to use Fedora again, and I am working on "Fedora on ARM" now. I feel very happy and lucky, because I can really contribute to FOSS, and work with so many great talents all over the world.

Several months ago, I received a invitation from  organizer. So I decide to give a presentation about "Fedora on ARM" to do some introduction, let every one know our good progress on ARM development in Red Hat ARM team.  I finished my slides right before the event, some of my colleagues helped me to improve the slides. I am so grateful for their help!!  

I arrived at the Beihang Training Center on Friday, 23 May. But at the beginning, I met a little trouble: the front desk did not find my name on the reservation list, an I wasn't familiar with the campus of Beihang University, it was a little confusing to find the conference hall. And I did not get any phone number of the organizer, so I spent some time to find some volunteer who was  preparing the venue at Conference Center at New Main Building of of Beihang University.

After check in, I went to Sculpture in Time Cafe to join . I met some Red Hatter from Japan and India office, then had a nice talk with them. Then I joined the chat with some persons who is also working on FOSS. I think this social meal is the very  important part of a event like FUDCon. :-) 
When I went back to the hostel, I reviewed my slides<>, and upload it to, paste the link in the event page.

The first day(Saturday, 24 May) started with a light rain, and I have not umbrella, so ran to venue in the rain after breakfast.  I got a donater+speaker package and a lot of  Fedora and open source stickers/keepsakes, I badly love those. :-)  

The I joined the Welcome Speech from Kate, Jaroslav and other Fedora people and the Keynote. Then I came to Room 8. Nitesh introduced Fedora Video project first.

Then Robert Mayr introduced the website. 

Because I had a presentation in the afternoon, so I went back to hostel to have some rest, then came to Room 8. I watched Max Huang's  presentation.

Because I worked in  team as a LAVA engineer last year, the more interesting presentation for me is < openQA and Automated Desktop Testing> by Weihua Du from SUSE. He introduce the openQA project and a opensource automated desktop(GUI) testing method called  . During the tea break, I talked to him and asked some question about how it works. If we can do  automated desktop testing with LAVA that would be helpful for QA team. 

My presentation was third one at Saturday afternoon. 
After the short break, my  presentation started. Because the first and second were in Chinese, and all the audience were Chinese, So I fell back to use Chinese, although I prepared it in English. I think the effect is good, even I used Chinese, we still ran out of time, and a lot of question after presentation, people are interested about Fedora on ARM and Linaro.

I was a little tired after the presentation. so I just walked around Beihang University and didn't join the sports.  

The second day, The first session is Systemd from Lennart Pottering. It is a great topic and showed what Systemd can do as the first process in Fedora. I love to use Systemd and should learn some more about it. 

When it nearly finished, I heard Richard Stallman arrived. So I went out for his signature and had photo with him.

I also met Bill Xu (the founder of ZEUUX) and Akira Urushibata.

Because I booked the flight too early, and did not know the schedule that time, so I have to flight back home at Sunday noon right after Stallman's great speech, and can't join the closing ceremony.

This event would be a very great memory for me. And I’d like to say great thanks for all the people who made the FUDCon happened in Beijing!

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alvin9902282014-12-23 16:53:58

nice guy! u r so cool! have a nice day ~3k 4 your blog

Bean_lee2014-09-11 23:46:21