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分类: 服务器与存储

2019-07-23 16:25:45

Replication Exec is a simple, easy-to-use solution that helps ensure continuous, around-the-clock protection of Microsoft SQL and Exchange applications. By ensuring this data is always protected and readily accessible, Replication Exec succeeds in minimizing any downtime resulting from application server loss.
Replication Exec provides real-time data protection by replicating critical application data to an offsite or secondary server. It maximizes efficiency by only replicating the changed bytes within each data file. This allows administrators to always maintain a complete record of each Exchange or SQL server that can be recovered quickly and easily with minimal downtime.
Continuous protection for SQL and Exchange databases
Enables timely recovery of Exchange and SQL data
Minimizes downtime due to unplanned migration
Bandwidth Throttling(带宽控制)
Administrators can allocate a maximum amount of bandwidth that can be utilized for replication.
Write Order Fidelity
Ensures that the integrity of the data is never compromised.
Byte-Level Changes(数据块级别的同步)
Maximizes efficiency by only replicating the changed portion of data files.
Open file protection(打开文件保护)
Files are protected even as they are modified or updated.
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